• 5 Keys to Effective Digital Transformation

    Posted on December 12, 2017 by in Cloud, News, Security, Storage, Virtualization


    Have you ever noticed how many technology articles start with “Top 5” or “4 Keys” ? Well, here’s another one from BizTech.

    All of the steps are important, but focus if you can on the last key: Multilayered Security.

    Digital transformation is not a new term, but it’s gaining currency among business leaders who want to use the Internet of Things and IT to change business models. The goal? Better cost-efficiency and return on investment, lower costs, and improved customer experience and business processes.

    Among CEOs surveyed in April by Gartner, 42 percent have a digital transformation business strategy in place.

    What are the key building blocks of successful digital transformation? Speaking last week at the CDW Executive Summit in Chicago, William Giard, CTO of the Data Center Group at Intel, laid out five key elements. According to Giard, they include hybrid cloud, virtualized networks, future-ready storage, an analytics and data strategy, and multilayered security.

    “Some businesses will have to invest in one more than the other,” Giard said, noting that every business is different.

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