• Checklist for Safeguarding Virtual Machines

    Posted on June 1, 2018 by in News, Security, Virtualization

    Virtualization and the cloud are a boon for developers and businesses that create applications. Virtual infrastructures give businesses and developers cost-effective, dynamic, and agile ways of providing their products and services or deploying their own applications. With the public cloud expected to grow into a US$178-billion market this year, there’s an evident shift toward automation and scalability in pushing out applications.

    But as businesses and developers strive to move faster to keep pace with deadlines and demand, security lags behind and, more often than not, is skimped on. A 2017 survey by the SANS Institute, for instance, reported that 15 percent of organizations succumbed to data breaches due to unsecure applications in the past two years, and as many as 10 percent of organizations said that no security testing at all was being done on their mission-critical applications.

    It’s little wonder that DevOps is gathering steam, both as a software engineering culture and as a set of tools that meld software development and information technology (IT) operations toward agile development and deployment. Gartner estimates that, by next year, 70 percent of DevOps-related initiatives from enterprises will incorporate and automate security in the applications they use, create, or deploy.

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