• Chrome 74 Patches 39 Vulnerabilities

    Posted on April 26, 2019 by in News, Security

    Google this week released Chrome 74 to the stable channel with patches for 39 vulnerabilities, as well as with several other tweaks inside.

    Of the 39 security fixes included in the new browser iteration, 19 were for vulnerabilities reported by external researchers. These include 5 High severity flaws, 12 Medium risk bugs, and 2 Low severity issues.

    The High risk vulnerabilities addressed in Chrome 74 include a use-after-free in PDFium (CVE-2019-5805), an integer overflow in Angle (CVE-2019-5806), a memory corruption in V8 (CVE-2019-5807), and two use-after-free bugs in Blink (CVE-2019-5808 and CVE-2019-5809).

    The reporters of the first four vulnerabilities received $3,000 each in bug bounty rewards. Google has yet to disclose whether it paid any reward for the fifth flaw.

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