Security Workshop

On-Site Security Workshop

Do you want to stay up to date on the newest security threats? Do you have questions on how your company would handle a data breach? Do you think there might be holes in the security of your network leaving your data vulnerable?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not schedule a one-on-one security workshop with CSB Technology Partners? We offer this FREE service so you stay informed on the threats that are affecting IT networks now. We will review your company’s products, policies and your practices with you and see where you can improve.


In your workshop, CSB’s Network Engineers will  apprise you of what happens before, during and after a data breach.  We will discuss what you already have to protect your organization before a breach, your ability to prevent attacks, what you have that can help you during a breach to stop and/or contain a breach, and what you have that makes it possible to quickly recover after a breach.


You will come out of the workshop with an organized understating of how your cyber security stacks up  and a prioritized list of products, policies and practices that will help improve your cyber security.

To schedule your Security Workshop, please contact Karla @ .