• Defining UC value – Internal versus External Collaboration

    Posted on October 14, 2015 by in News

    UC can add good value for helping employees communicate more effectively, but can add much greater value by helping them collaborate.

    Doing what’s best for the business generally drives investment decisions, and when it comes to evaluating UC, the focus will tend to be on internal forms of collaboration. After all, employees are the primary end users for UC, and most of their collaboration needs will be amongst themselves.  Team-work is increasingly becoming the norm, and with employees often in disparate locations, UC truly provides a great solution.

    However, extending collaboration beyond the four walls will invariable make life harder for IT, and that should be clear if you’re currently dealing with BYOD.  Collaboration places even more demands on IT when it comes to engaging with people outside of your organization.  This is where your vision for collaboration becomes really important to define before formally involving vendors.  While most of your everyday collaboration needs will be internal, there are many scenarios where it’s desirable or even necessary to bring in outside parties.  These could be partners, suppliers, customers, bankers, government agencies, media, consultants, and many others, even competitors.

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