FirePOWER Threat Defense


A hacker swiped 500,000 Yahoo accounts. Could your organization be next?

Yahoo just announced that a hacker had stolen information from a minimum of 500 million accounts in late 2014. The thief, believed to be working on behalf of a foreign government, stole e-mail addresses, passwords, full user names, dates of birth, telephone numbers, and in some cases, security questions and answers. In 2015, Home Depot and AOL were both hacked. Hackers have hit health insurers, social media sites, dating sites – anyone can be affected…including you. What can you do to help protect your business? CSB offers a solution: try Cisco’s FirePOWER Threat Defense at no cost, no commitment for a 30 day trial.

CSB Introduces Cisco’s FirePOWER Threat Defense

Cisco’s FirePOWER Threat Defense creates a truly unified approach to security. Block and stop more threats that breach defenses with the industry’s first threat-focused Next Generation Firewall. Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection capabilities added to the NGFW is a fully integrated solution that secures the entire network through endpoints. This is the first Proof Of Value program that unifies ASA FirePOWER, AMP for Network and AMP for Endpoints. It also adds a robust report for insight on Attack Risk, Network Risk, Advanced Malware Risk and Endpoint Assessment. Because the appliance is monitoring traffic out-of-band, you keep your network running at full speed, keeping users safe and happy.


 keep-calm-and-raise-your-hand-47 How does the  Cisco FirePOWER Threat Defense Program work?

1. Call, email, fill out the form below, send smoke signals…. somehow, let us know you need help. CSB will install the Cisco appliance into your network just to passively monitor the traffic, out of band, into and out of your network.

2. After 10 days, you will have access to a report see what the appliance has found: malware hiding in your network, malware downloaded by users, attempted breaches on internet facing hosts, traffic from affected hosts on your network, traffic from nations like China and Russia, etc.

3. You decide if you want to keep the appliance and the implement the technology software; we will discuss your level options with you.  The appliance can augment or replace your current firewall. If you choose not to keep the appliance, a CSB technician will remove it from your network.


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CSB Technology Partners is here for any additional questions or concerns you have about the FirePOWER Threat Defense program. Fill out and send in the form below and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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Are the FirePOWER Threat Defense reports something I can share with my company executives?sbm_collaboration

Absolutely. Information leads to collaboration. The reports are clear and easy to understand. The reports will show malware issues, attempted and actual breaches, affected hosts, and other concerns. Here is an example of a FirePOWER Threat Defense reports the information is clear, well organized and easy to understand for all levels of IT expertise.

Network Risk Report: csb-pov-sample-network-risk-report


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CiscoPartLogoCSB Technology Partners is a Premier Cisco Partner.

Why do we partner with Cisco? We believe to be the best, you have to work with the best. Cisco has been proving themselves as number one in the security business for years as well as other markets.

More About Cisco

Cisco is known as many things: the market leader in networking, collaboration, security and other markets. The company is also widely regarded as a thought leader in both the enterprise and service provider segments. Investors consider Cisco to be strong, stable stock. Much of your opinion of Cisco depends on the lens through which you look at the company.

Cisco should also be known as being a great citizen of the world because of all the good work its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team does. Using the company’s massive resources to make the planet a better place was always a passion of former CEO John Chambers and that’s carried over to current CEO, Chuck Robbins. Its Networking Academy has educated millions of people across the globe, including many in underdeveloped nations, giving people an opportunity to get jobs and be successful. Chambers was often quoted as saying there were two great equalizers in life: the internet and education. Cisco was instrumental in building the internet and had a passion to help educate people. Read more on Cisco’s Social Responsibility