• Five Big Data Use Cases That 2017 Will Bring

    Posted on December 16, 2016 by in News

    Big data technology is maturing, and more organizations are dipping their toes into the big data pool and coming away with new insights about operations, customers and markets. Big data analytics is proving its worth with businesses of all sizes in all industries. The value of big data is that it can integrate almost any form of data set—structured SQL, unstructured data sources such as email or social media content and more—and it can reveal patterns and behaviors that were undetectable using data warehouse technology. However, as with any analytics, the answers are only as good as the questions. For big data to be valuable, you have to start with the right use case to define the parameters of the question to make sure the findings are valid. It’s often the reseller’s job to help customers create big data use cases that deliver ROI.

    Big Data Adoption