• Forget the “Missing Link”. How about the Weakest Link?

    Posted on June 8, 2018 by in News, Security

    Is User Training the Weakest Link in Your Email Security Strategy?


    The days of simply deploying an email security gateway in front of the email server to block spam and viruses from reaching your end users are long gone. And while today’s gateways absolutely still have their place, in most instances they’re accompanied by additional technologies to ensure the best email security approach possible. This is because gateway technologies aren’t designed to spot social engineered spear phishing attacks, and there’s always a chance that people can get phished on personal accounts that aren’t controlled by gateways at all. However, if you’re concerned about users falling victim to Business Email Compromise (BEC), impersonation or spear phishing attacks—perhaps you’ve already deployed a solution that leverages AI to help identify and block these types of attacks in real time?

    But let’s say you’ve taken all the right steps. You’ve even deployed extra security layers along with your Office 365 environment to protect against sophisticated email-born data theft, malware, phishing attempts, and anything else that might find its way into your users’ inboxes. Maybe you’re even backing up your Office 365 environment just in case ransomware gets through and you need to restore your system to avoid paying criminals a hefty ransom. You’ve really thought about everything, but there’s just one problem—your users probably haven’t.

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