• I infected you with my private malware (RAT) EMAIL SCAM

    Posted on June 7, 2019 by in News

    We have had some reports of people seeing a new email scam starting with: I infected you with my private malware, RAT. It is a new variation on Bitcoin Email Scam. What is Bitcoin Email Scam? It is an email message from someone claiming to have compromising information and demanding ransom via Bitcoin to keep this from becoming public.

    Or something similar to the above.

    Is this threat real?

    Good news: thankfully, it’s fake. This email message is nothing more than a new Bitcoin Email Scam. Scammers got your password and associated email address from data breach dumps and are using it to shake you down. If the password emailed to you is one that you still use, then stop using it and change it right now!

    Steps to take:

    Or contact CSB!