• Migrating to Office 365… have you forgotten something?

    Posted on April 20, 2015 by in News

    Whether you are migrating to a Virtual Desktop infrastructure, moving your email to the cloud, or moving from using local Office applications to using Office 365 web applications, a migration offers organizations the chance to clean up and regain control of their data. Doing this will help the process of cleaning up and deciding what data should be migrated and retained moving forward. It also helps set a precedent for managing that information process more effectively going forward. For example, PST files should be identified and actively managed prior to or during a strategic IT project such as VDI, migration to Office 365 or Exchange online, or even a BYOD initiative.

    Migrating PST files doesn’t happen automatically.  In 2010, Microsoft moved away from the use of auto archives or PST files and provided the ability to create online archive mailboxes.  They acquired a simple tool for migrating PST files, which was released as “PST Capture.”  PST Capture can migrate PST files on a small scale, but its an automated solution.  There are many limitations and it requires a client software to be installed on every machine where PST files might reside.  There’s still a lot of manual effort required and takes a good amount of work to do it.

    If you need the assistance and/or help to migrate, CSB is here to guide you through it all.

    Learn more about migrating to Office 365 here or email us if you are ready to migrate over!