• New Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi Technology Innovations Uniquely Enable Carrier- Class Wi-Fi Calling

    Posted on March 11, 2015 by in News

    The new Ruckus collection of new Smart Wi-Fi technology software innovations are being intregrated as standard features within the Ruckus portfolio of Smart Wi-FI products to help ensure crystal clear Wi-Fi Calling voice quality in the most challenging Wi-Fi environments.

    These new innovations will improve the reliability and quality of Wi-Fi Calling applications, which enables both service providers and enterprises to extract greater value from their Wi-Fi infrastructure. Voice over Wi-Fi isn’t new, but the ability to deliver a carrier-class voice service over Wi-Fi is something that no one has mastered until now.

    Smart Wi-Fi supports real-time, bidirectional voice calls that demand a narrow set of operating parameters from the network designed to ensure the highest quality Wi-Fi Calling experience.  It includes a variety of new proprietary capabilities such as capacity-based client access control, Wi-Fi multimedia admission controls, directed roaming, and automatic packet flow heuristics.  The integration of these and other new Smart Wi-Fi innovations into Ruckus products helps organizations ensure optimal performance of voice over Wi-Fi communications.

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