• NexGen Storage is Back with a Renewed Focus on Flash Utilization

    Posted on March 18, 2015 by in News
    NexGen unveiled its new data management software, purpose-built to manage PCIe flash in hybrid HDD/SSD storage arrays. They also announced four new third-generation hybrid storage arrays, part of the N5 Hybrid Flash Array portfolio.
    Since proceeding with the spin-out from under SanDisk and having a new vision in place, NexGen is hoping to change the flash conversation from capacity and how flash is configured to improved flash utilization, focusing on data management, automation, and workload prioritization.
    “How do you ensure that the right data is in flash at the right time? How do you improve the utilization of it? That’s what NexGen is about; it’s about achieving that goal and we call that value-driven data management,” Chris McCall, NexGen’s SVP of Marketing stated.
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