Voice over IP

Voice over IP (VoIP) leverages the network that carries your email, web, and other data traffic to carry your phone conversations as well. Today organizations are converging voice, video, and data traffic onto the same network to improve their communications and maximize their network investment.

CSB Technology Partners designs and builds VoIP systems using technology from Cisco Systems the world leader in network technologies. We will work with you to find a VoIP system that benefits your company or organization. Many organizations implement Voice over IP to help increase collaboration, lower their phone system and other communications costs, and improve communications with their customers VoIP systems provide many simple benefits like ease of management, and simple adds, moves, and changes.

Converging voice, video, and data onto the same network reduces cost by eliminating the need to build and marinating separate voice and data networks. VoIP increases productivity through the technology’s flexibility, for example it can enable you to reaching the right person the first time, all the time. VoIP can help you improve customer relationships using features like voicemail email integration, or direct integration with customer relationship management systems.