Information security is a concern for all organizations large and small. With security threats increasing in number and sophistication, businesses want protection, control, and visibility from their security systems. In today’s competitive environment preventing incidents and threats from disrupting productivity, impacting customer relationships, and hurting revenues is an ongoing challenge.

At CSB Technology Partners, we look at network security from a network wide perspective. Organizations have traditionally insulated their internal network from the rest of the world with a firewall and the network security stopped there. With today’s mobile users, various types of network devices, and constant, “any time anywhere demand” for access, an external firewall is no longer adequate for most organizations. CSB will work with you to look at you network as a whole and provide common sense network security. We help organizations with many security projects ranging from complicated firewall and virtual private network implementations, to providing candid advice on how to improve basic security policies and practices like properly managing user’s access to information.