• Petya Attack: What You Need to Know

    Posted on July 7, 2017 by in News

    With news of WannaCry in the distant past, a new cyber attack, Petya, has invaded systems across the globe. Petya has officials questioning whether or not the attack’s true intention was to generate money via extortion, or if the target was actually aimed at harming key businesses, specifically those based in Ukraine.

    The virus began in Russia and Ukraine last Tuesday then spread to Asia, and subsequently, over 60 countries across the globe. Petya also hit hard in the United States, with reports of major outages still ongoing on July 1 in some major corporations nationwide. According to Craig Williams, senior technical leader and manager of Cisco Talos, the industry-leading threat intelligence organization dedicated to providing protection against cybersecurity attacks, Petya is “significantly worse, significantly more virulent” than its cousin WannaCry. Talos has identified Petya as a malware variant of the attack which occurred in March 2016 and because of its difference from the original attack in March, are dubbing this version “Nyetya.”