• Phishy Issue: OSX.CreativeUpdate macOS Cryptocurrency Miner Distributed via MacUpdate

    Posted on February 16, 2018 by in News

    You may not be a bit coin miner or own any cryptocurrency, but you could definitely be a target for spear phishing.

    If there’s anything constant in the ever-evolving technology and threat landscapes, it’s that no platform will be truly immune. Cryptocurrency-mining malware, for instance, first gained ground on Windows systems then went to affect Android-run mobile devices. Cryptocurrency-mining malware entered the macOS scene in 2011 as a bitcoin-mining backdoor embedded in applications distributed via torrents.

    While the cyber faux pas has accordingly been fixed, it highlights how adverse the impact can be for what may seem cursory. For instance, investors of Bee Token and Experty were duped into sending their tokens to fraudsters with a simple phishing email, costing them over $1 million in ethereum. Even social media and web stores aren’t spared from abuse.

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