• Product Spotlight: Syn-Apps Call Replay

    Posted on January 14, 2013 by in Collaboration

    Syn-Apps Call Replay is a call recording software package for a fraction of the price of competitive systems.  Simple yet powerful call recording.  Our customers use call recording to:

    • Improve Customer Service
    • Increase Sales Productivity
    • Provide effective employee training
    Call Replay integrates with Cisco phone systems such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.  The software runs on a physical or virtual server, and provides an easy to use web interface, and automates records and retention policies.
    CSB can help you:
    • Find the best applications for Call Replay in your organization
    • Setup the Call Replay software
    • Integrate Call Replay with your phone system
    • Help you choose what to record
    • Help you setup recording retention policies
    • Help Train your users to effectively use Call Replay

    Call Replay Features:

    • Recording Capabilities: Every call can be recorded. Recordings can be used for training, monitoring quality control, and security purposes
    • Monitor Live Calls: Listen to a call as it happens, without any conferencing. Whisper to the agent without being heard by the external party
    • Review, Annotate, Email: Upon review, phone recordings can be given annotations and E-Mailed to appropriate personnel.
    • Search Filters: Recording can be searched by caller ids, phone numbers, annotations, and time.
    • Organize: Calls can be manually or automatically organized using flexible, color coded folders. Rules and filters can be defined to organize calls by phone number or user name patterns
    • Call Retention Policies: Recordings can be kept for a period of time or until the hard-drive is full.
    • On Demand Recording: Allows users to keep important calls by utilizing a phone service
    • Multi Site: Record and administer many network partitions as if they were one
    • Call History: Follow a call as it is transferred, put on hold, or parked