• Tegile Intellicare Flash 5 Guarantee

    Posted on February 17, 2015 by in News

    Tegile has put a guarantee behind all of the five key principles when considering an enterprise storage purchase, giving you confidence that you’ve made the best storage purchase possible. 

    • 5x Faster Performance – Tegile arrays are designed to deliver high performance in any condition. They guarantee 5x better latency versus legacy storage arrays.
    • 5:1 Data Reduction – In well- virtualized environments you will experience as low as 5:1 data reduction ratio.
    • 5 Nines Availability – 99.999% uptime! The Tegile flash arrays are proven in mission-critical environments.  With active-active controllers in place, they confidently guarantee 5 nines availability against an unplanned outage.
    • 5 Years of Fresh Flash – Enterprise workloads require enterprise-grade SSDs and they guarantee if for 5 years, even in high write I/O environments.
    • 5$ per Gigabyte –  Enjoy flat pricing with no gimmicks.

    The Flash 5 Guarantee includes an industry-leading 5 year guarantee window so you have the time to install, configure and optimize your environment without rushing to meet a guarantee deadline.

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