• Ten Things You Need to Know About VSAN

    Posted on July 3, 2015 by in News

    VMware’s Virtual SAN fundamentally changes the way vSphere administrators do storage. Below are ten reasons why:

    1. VSAN eliminates the need for an external storage array
    2. VSAN is designed for vSphere administrators
    3. VSAN uses policies to define storage attributes
    4. VSAN is designed to be the best storage for your VMs
    5. VSAN can be amazingly fast
    6. VSAN can have very attractive economics
    7. VSAN is incredibily robust
    8. VSAN is dead simple – really
    9. VSAN upgrades are easy
    10. VSAN and Horizon are a match made in heaven

    Compared to an external array, the difference are night and day.

    Read more about those ten ways here.