• We are pleased to announce our new Partnership with Nimble Storage

    Posted on January 14, 2012 by in Data Center, News

    CSB Technology Partners has decided to add Nimble Storage to its portfolio of Storage Vendors. CSB is very excited to be able to offer Nimble as they embrace the latest trends in Storage.

    With very small IT teams, limited budgets, complex applications, and rapidly growing data, today’s IT managers are having serious difficulty just keeping pace with business demands. Unfortunately, current storage solutions based on existing architectures are not adequately addressing these challenges. It’s time for a fresh approach.

    Nimble has developed an entirely new approach to storage that converges storage, backup, and disaster recovery into a single solution. Nimble’s breakthrough CASL architecture combines flash memory with low-cost, high-density drives, eliminating the need for expensive, high-RPM drives for primary storage and a separate disk-based backup solution. Nimble Storage reduces backups and restore times from days to seconds, and enables enterprises of any size to finally implement an affordable disaster recovery solution.

    For more information on how Nimble Storage can help today’s enterprises cost-effectively meet their storage, backup, and disaster recovery needs.